Greetings everyone

Today marks the beginning steps to the 44th year of my life on this planet (yes that means I turned 43).

Time for a little reckoning

1) TheQueen and I are getting a divorce. We have been apart for over a year and a half now. Out of respect for her and my kidsĀ I do not want to talk about it for now. I may talk about dating but probably not much.

2) I live in my own place in the woods above Los Gatos and I love it.

3) I am over 2.5 years cancer free on my scans – the big benchmark is 5 – lets see how it unfolds

4) My eldest offspring enters high school next year – holy shit!

5) I no longer work for deCarta – haven’t since November of last year. I also no longer work for LinkedIn – that was a quick 4 months. It just wasn’t a good match between LinkedIn and myself.

6) I now work for RedHat (woot) on their OpenShift product (double woot). I can’t tell you how excited I am about the work I get to do now. I am having trouble getting my feet under me because there is so much cool stuff to work on but I will get there soon.

I think that is enough news for now.

See you tomorrow or later – going out now with my friends to ride go-karts!!!

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