Greetings all 3 of you that are still left:

I am sorry that twitter and fb and work and other stuff have sucked up my energy to write. But I find myself inspired to write more and I don’t want to do it anymore on FB or just twitter. FB is too chatty and twitter, well the 140 chars is great for some stuff but nor for the thoughts and ideas I am having.

So here it is – I am going to write more (I almost said “try to write more” but my therapist would have chided me that “try” is just another way of saying “I am not going to”).

I have a post brewing on my recent job change and other changes in my life. Given the inspiration I have gained from others in their blogs – everyone from Dooce and Dad Gone Mad to Mark Pilgrim and Matt Raible – I am going to be writing about more than code and spatial. As a matter of fact I will write about them some but right now in my life those are not my best contributions to the world. For a while I am going to write more about personal stuff. I did a bit with the cancer but now I am going to return to that and to other things I have grappled with.

Today I read this phenomenal article about a wife dealing with her husband’s issues dealing with his brothers suicide. And this quote just hit right what I have been feeling when I wrote my cancer posts and why I want to write…

Geof gave me the trust, the love, and ultimately his permission to tell his story, believing that storytelling lifts us all up, beyond regret, irrespective of forgiveness, into that place where our shared humanity surpasses our individual pain.

And I hope that my stories and sharing can help others feel less alone, see some of the mistakes I made before they make them, appreciate their lives that much more, or just bring some good in the world.

So welcome back and expect more…

3 thoughts on “The blog lives – a short first step in perhaps something more”
  1. Steve, this is Lori Day. I got a pingback when you linked to my post, and I just read your blog entry. I’m really touched that you found my words inspiring, and encourage you to keep writing because it does help. If you noticed the reference in my essay to my younger brother dying…he has cancer. My heart goes out to you. I wish you all the best.

  2. Hey Lori:
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yeah I used to write more and then I lost that feeling and now I feel it again. It is part of getting back to more of me.

    I have been two years clear of cancer (b-cell lymphoma) – but who knows if it may come back. I am saddened to hear of your brother. I am not sure there is anything I can do but if there is please let me know.

    About your article, it was great to read – both the ways in which it was hard to be with him as he worked through his shit and the ways you did work through it together. I am really happy for both of you. I hope you article helps more men to open up and more women to be “in it’ with their men as they work through their issues their way. I think one of the problems I see is this one size fits all of how to work through things. Have you read Laura Munson’s book – I think that was another good example of different ways to stay in it and work through it.

    Thanks again…

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